We aspire to be a true community school that is being built by pooling the resources of our community. Do you have something you would like to contribute? Big or small, everything little thing helps!

Feeling inspired and would love to help us grow?

Have some old, but sturdy wooden toys with lots of life left in them? Got a drawer of nails/nuts/bolts you'd like to donate? What about gardening tools you could part with? We'll use what we can and donate what we can't! Or you can visit our Amazon Wish List and purchase something directly!

We have plenty of volunteer opportunities, and will have many more as we move forward. Right now, our biggest need is for committee members, especially for our Development Committee (which focuses on fundraising, among other things). There is no strict time commitment, and most of the work at the moment can be done from home. Interested? Please let us know!

Do you have a skill or trade that you think may be useful? Our need truly is wide ranging. Everything is useful, from marketing/media skills to woodworking to gardening talents is useful! What can you add?

Since we are a new school, we are spending a lot of time trying to get the word out and connect with other like minded individuals and businesses to build potential partnerships. Do you know a person or a business/non-profit that you think should know about us? Let’s talk!

We welcome all ideas, big or small, practical or dreamy, to be acted on now, or filed away for use down the road. We’ll take them all!


Our Supporters

Meet the Community that Supports Red Oak Community School