Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Red Oak Community School offers a learner-centered approach to education for families dedicated to cultivating joy in learning, fostering self-confidence and agency, and preparing students to be environmental stewards and champions of social justice


Our Vision

Red Oak Community School fosters our students’ sense of their place and power in the natural world and in their communities.


Our Values

Connectedness: Cultivates curiosity, creativity, and care through time spent playing in and studying about the natural world; 

Joy: Fosters a love of learning through learner-centered teaching strategies and content linked to students’ emerging interests; 

Respect and Responsibility: Promotes community through modeling healthy and respectful relationships, teaching emotional literacy, encouraging personal and civic responsibility;

Power and Agency: Supports children as individuals worthy of respect and encourages children to find their own voice to advocate for themselves and others;

Community: Supports the role of the family and larger community in children’s development and education.

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