ROCS Curriculum

To introduce content that:

  • will 'spark' enthusiasm

  • encourages curiosity & a quest for learning

  • respects that kids can handle difficult topics

  • broadens their perspective of the world

  • allows students to actively participate in the selection of material ( guided by students)

  • is contemporary and responsive to the needs/interests of the students

To offer the content in a way that:

  • creates students who self-identify as learners

  • encourages students to question content (information literacy) and the authority of its source (media literacy)

  • models curiosity & allows kids to wonder and ask questions

  • empowers students to take academic risks

  • gives students confidence to make mistakes and learn from them

  • make students feel valued as learners and community members

  • encourages students to be self-motivated learners (educational initiative)

  • develops collaboration and cooperation as students actively/authentically work with others

To prepare them to be able to:

  • think critically & form their own opinions

  • step outside of their comfort zone to solve problems

  • know how to locate resources to find an answer