Onigiri- Rolling (literally) rolling rice balls!

Recently, our teacher of all things Japan-related, Meridith Kiyosue, brought together volunteers and students to make and sell onigiri (rice balls). The lesson combined physics, the international #OnigiriAction movement, and the Japanese fairy tale “Omusubi Kororin”, which tells the story of a rice ball that rolls into a hole in the ground.

While they loosely followed the instructions in from Sumiko Nagasawa’s book "Japanese Cooking for Kids,” our our Japanese guests shared their own techniques and traditions.


Students sold the onigiri through a window inside the classroom, then rolled them out to their costumers. All of our proceeds benefited CRIS: Community Refugee and Immigration Services. And, for every onigiri-eating photo that was posted and tagged before Nov. 20, Table For Two donated 100 yen to providing meals for food-insecure people.