When Kids Have Time - A Winter Reflection

What can children accomplish when given enough time?

They can build a snow boulder, and figure out how to lever it up an incline with friends.  


They can build a whole snow-family, complete with snow-parents, a snow-toddler, and snow-babies.


They can spend almost a whole hour perfecting their very own snow-cave, then hiding inside it.   


They can stomp on snow boulders until they crumble.  


But what do they learn? 

Physics.  Patience.  Teamwork.  Grit.  Trial and error.  Cause and effect.  Persistence.  

This is why we give our students two hours of kid-led time outside each day.  So much learning can happen with sticks, trees, mulch, snow, and time.

- Maureen Alley, ROCS Educator

melissa frueh