Our History

We are a group of parents and educators who are passionate about creating an alternative school for our children and for the larger community. We came together based on our shared desire for a school that employs research-based, developmentally appropriate approaches to education.

Current Board Members


Cheryl Ryan: Cheryl has a multi-faceted background in gymnastics instruction, gym management as well as film/documentary production. She currently runs an in-home day care business. Given these wildly different career paths, she has experience in running a business, organizing large projects and groups of people, working with many, many kids (at the same time!) as well as some grant writing experience and mostly MULTI-TASKING!! She thrives on chaos and new experiences!

Paisley Nash-Dooley:

Maureen Alley: Maureen is an early childhood educator with eleven years of experience teaching in elementary schools and a play-based preschool. She earned her BS in Elementary Education and her MEd in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Missouri-Columbia and is licensed to teach in the state of Ohio. Maureen's style of teaching integrates research-based strategies with a deep understanding and respect for the processes of childhood.

Nicole Graf:

Melissa Frueh: Melissa Frueh is an artist and graphic designer with a BS in nutritional science. She has been a small business owner since 2009 working with other small businesses and non profits. She is passionate about protecting childhood, gentle parenting, and alternative education.