Class Offerings

1st year students (5yrs by Sept 30): W/Th/F, 9:00a-3:30p

2-day homeschool supplement program (6-13yrs): M/T, 9:00a-3:30p

3-day homeschool supplement program (6-11yrs): W/Th/F, 9:00a-3:30p

5-day program (6-11yrs): M/T/W/Th/F, 9:00a-3:30p

Tiered Tuition Choices

These tuition options are being offered to help us make Red Oak affordable and accessible for as many families as possible. Tier 1 represents the true cost of enrollment, but every family’s ability to pay is different. This honor system allows us to offer discounted tuition rates on an honor system with no extra paperwork necessary. Your selection will not affect your child’s placement or quality of education and no staff other than the Director of Red Oak will know which Tier each family has chosen.


Behavioral Considerations

Many students struggle behaviorally in traditional school environments. We hear from these families all the time. The question becomes- is it the environment? Or does the student need more appropriate support/accommodations? At Red Oak, some aspects of our program could be considered low level interventions: two hours of unstructured outside time every day, allowing whole body movement while learning (so long as it’s not distracting other students), choices during academic time and a high level of experiential/hands-on learning.

However, we are a very small school and lack the resources to properly support students who might need more interventions than our program already provides. We also have a much looser structure than most traditional school environments, which for some kids is just what they need, but for others it can make things much more of a challenge. We ask that you keep in mind our program’s limitations in this regard when considering whether or not to enroll.

Admissions Process for New Families

Step One: Visit

Send an email to to schedule your tour. Tours happen at 9:30a on select mornings, as availability allows. You’ll have a chance to view our space, experience outside time and observe the transition to academic time. Prospective students are always encouraged to attend!

Step Two: Apply

Applications are accepted year-round.

Initial admissions period is early January through mid-March.

After the initial admissions period is over, we will begin taking applications on a rolling basis.

Complete one application per child. Send your finished application(s) along with a non-refundable application fee of $60 per family to:

Red Oak Community School, 93 W Weisheimer Road, Columbus, Ohio 43214.

Step Three: Attend Try Day (6yrs+ only)

All applicants 6yrs and older will be required to attend a Try Day. Prospective students will get a taste of what a day at Red Oak is like, while parents/adults can observe quietly and/or ask the School Manager questions.

Try Days are available on a limited basis between October-April of the school year, where students visit and participate in our school day from 9:15-11:15a. We will also have a Try Day in late March and another in early August for any students who aren’t able to schedule one during the school year.

Step Four: Exploratory Month

In an effort to make sure we are the right environment for your child, we offer a four week Exploratory Month for all new families. This will give us a chance to get to know your student and for your student to get to know us before committing to full enrollment.

Exploratory Month contracts will be sent within two weeks of your Try Day, or by the end of March if you have applied during the initial admissions period. When an Exploratory Month spot is offered, the fee for that month and a signed contract will be due within two weeks.

The Exploratory Month ends after the first four weeks of attendance, when each family will meet with the School Manager and one staff member to discuss how the student is adjusting to school at Red Oak. If at that point the staff and family is in agreement that ROCS is appropriate, full and continuous enrollment is offered.

Step Five: Full Enrollment

Regular tuition payments will begin only after full enrollment is offered.